Innovation combined with creativity

EMRSIV develops and offers solutions based on its innovative ILM technology.

We believe that light and music belong together.

The symbiosis of Immersive Light Music creates an experience which captivates you in the here and now.

It’s our mission to establish ILM as a new medium which is intuitive to use, so it can be enjoyed by everyone everywhere.


The idea of EMRSIV was born during the lockdown in 2020 which forced people to stay at home and prevented them to visit concerts, festivals and clubs. Experiences that gave us all great joy and made us feel alive.

Even though there were audio and video streams of our favorite artists, they couldn’t replace the moments created by a professional combination of music and light.

This inspired Thomas to work on a solution which can bring back the feeling of a club night into the living room. He started out with some ready to use lighting gear but those did not mesmerize to the same extend as professional solutions. The focus was also on the ease of use and the complexity of professional systems had to be avoided. It became clear, that there’s a need for a new solution which is easy to use and can deliver an outstanding experience at the same time.

In the following months Thomas constantly developed on the idea and built the foundation of ILM.

Our values

It feels like the world is very divided right now. There’s a lot of focus on what separates us instead of what we have in common.

For us music is a universal language and it creates connection between people from all around the world. Music has the potential to express feelings beyond words. With ILM we have a medium which takes this to another level and we want to put it into the hands of creatives everywhere. We want to enable artists to create extraordinary moments which can be shared and captivate people no mater where they come from, which language they speak or what they believe.

EMRSIV Wireless System

EMRSIV has developed a fully functional battery powered and wireless lighting system that fits into one bag and is set up in 5 mins. It consists of a EMRSIV Core controller, which is connected to the DJ Mixer, as well as a App to control the system. The Wireless EMRISV Tubes are completely designed and build from scratch and run the broadly used open source LED Firmware WLED. The System is open for developers and artists to build upon. Own LED lights built with WLED can easily be integrated and controlled by the system. For more info, partnerships or renting the system, reach out to us.

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